Thursday, September 27, 2012

Unproductive... have pumpkins :D

Well today was once more sorely unproductive. This time being the rain and the fact that the boyfriend’s bed and snuggly blankets decided to eat my soul. I know, I know, I’m a terrible slacker who’s already lagging on my job as a blogger. But I will have it stated I did manage to get the little lighted fence put together in the rain, in the dark after I got home from dinner and feeling the lack of show for work I’ve done I put out the toxic barrel just because. The little fence had to be installed because last year obnoxious teenagers decided to tromp right through my cemetery. Made me so mad... Aside from almost killing themselves on all my power cords and such they mucked up a lot of my stuff. Nothing more terrifying than a pissy witch stomping her way through the grave yard yelling at you about mucking up things and at that moment I understood the old people and the get off my lawn sentiments.  So guess what guys not this year. The ropes and lights go from the trees clear down the side of the yard. Jerks. Anyway rant complete.

 The search for fun randomness among my friends and I with Halloween has yielded some great ideas and finds. Some I’m going to defiantly be using. Fanged pumpkins are among them
 Now the link a friend shared was Martha Stuarts version of this that used red thumb tacks for eyes. I was wondering about red light bright pegs and cutting out the bottom to put in a battery operated candle. Not sure how this would work out but one can only try.

 For those having the indoor party the bling spider would work out well.
I have similar ones that I did but instead of gems I used a good glue pen and micro glitter and they were funkins so they never go bad.A bat and spider.


For cutesy little kid ones especially for an afternoon Halloween party this little caterpillar squirmed into my heart. I won't be doing this one any time soon but it's in my to do book.

And as always for pumpkins you have to have the vomiting pumpkin. I've never had one but this year is going to be the first and I think I will keep the extra guts from other pumpkins.


The Eater. I called mine Nom. The white pumpkin was 60 pounds. I plan on making another one this year.Not sure how big the pumpkin will be this time

 But this year I think my goal is going to do a baby eating pumpkin mwahahahahhaha. Who ever came up with this was brilliantly evil and I'm so envious.

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