Monday, November 11, 2013

A burp in the road.

Yes you read correctly. Burp, not bump.Though I suppose it could be classified as a bump in the Christmas present process. Our neighbors Daughter is having a baby today( one that in fact wasn't supposed to come til around Thanksgiving.) How do we know this. We got told so by the soon to be grandma yesterday. Confusing some what to say the least and made even us ask " how do we know this?" Which led to the info on inducement and possibly C-section. Needless to say Christmas was dropped and we hit the sewing room with much vigor to create new baby goods as we do with most littles that come into the world. Nothing overly fancy. Some good flannel blankies and burp clothes. but this time we created something new. Behold the Cuddle Wrap
Now personally speaking all I can see is Maggie Simpsons  snow suit any time I think about it but ours is definitely way cuter since their arms aren't stuck out sideways.
Ours was done with the pattern  called the cuddle wrap by Great Copy Patterns out of polar fleece. It was honestly cutting out 3 pieces and less than an hour on the serger :) and the fun part is you can also alter it and add holes to feed car seat straps through so a kiddo can be bundled up there as well as snuggly safe.
In addition like I said we did some burp cloths and we like to make them almost an hourglass figure so your shoulder front and shoulder back have a bit more surface area for when a burp becomes a waterfall and the flannel seems to keep it from just running down the material. Then the curve fits on your shoulder without bunching. We usually make several simple ones with the word burp or whatever on it, but last night we had the help of my boyfriend in the sewing room and he wanted to make one too (talk about a first)
Our simple ones
And behold the cuter one up by the boyfriend who's never been in a sewing room before....
 With these done it's onward and upward to we continue our less than 50 day trek to Christmas.... oh the joy.... Slaves to the machines....

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Too Long

Holy goodness over a year since my last post. Sometimes I'm amazed that I even manage to remember passwords to different sites in all honesty. Chaos has been by far the biggest and best term for what this last year has been( break ups, start ups, phlebotomy school, starting jobs, quiting jobs, it's enough to give you a head ache)

Amidst the chaos Halloween was A-mazing. We went a little different and a little bigger and got the witches kitchen set up in it's own walk in tent but sadly there are no amazing walk through photos as there were kids showing up before it even got dark.

A quick photo of my friend as her character Hobbs the Witch in front of the kitchen
No super amazing photos but I did have a (mostly) Fresh Green Tail Mermaid in the kitchen this year.

And some fancy, crammed full, lit up shelves full of who knows what(and a short faced bear skull)

So needless to say this season wasn't a total bust by any means. We also had a "photo booth" Where my boyfriend oh so graciously was a monster and we got some fun shots. Personally my favorite is the last kid bailing on his friend who is frozen on the bench screaming


Things that make memories for sure. Plans are forging ahead with next seasons haunt which if all goes better than this year will be bigger and scarier and just as free but it's a bit hard to keep the umph up when it comes to the fact that Christmas is breathing down every ones neck and it's not even Thanksgiving yet >.<  The only thing that will keep my sanity will be the continuous crafting to be done to get gifts made. Thank god for small favors in some way.