Saturday, September 6, 2014

Distraction in production

Well there was a mild hiccup in finishing the headstones over the last couple days coming in the form of a teeny tiny cutie I've named Pippin. With the full name Pippin Pipsqueak ( can you tell we home he stays small)
Pippin on his ride home in a basket
Got this little cutie pants from a local farm that was hand rearing him and his 5 siblings but he is the runtiest of runts and probably the smallest rescue I've taken in. I'm not sure how much he weighs ( we'll find out Monday when we take him into the vet) all I know is to me he doesn't feel like he weighs anything and is a bony little snuggle monster who needs some extra love and attention for I'm sure he wouldn't have probably survived the natural course of being in a litter. At the moment when he's walking around he's no bigger than a grande coffee from starbucks so we can hope with some time and lovins  we will be adding our smallest haunter to Halloween night. Tiny Bat costume any one?
Pippin sitting by a Grande starbucks cup in petsmart
The good news is he likes to sleep snuggled in the basket when people are doing things near by so on the plus side hopefully if tomorrow is warm enough I can take him outside and finish of some haunting props.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cemetery Walk/ Headstone Production Part One.

  I really wish people would come to see how easy decorating can be and how much more lively the neighborhood becomes because of it. Sadly, my neighborhood has usually about 5 houses decorated, and I mean DECORATED, in a 10 block radius. For a well known "Art Town" I find that  rather pathetic. Now, I'll give a passing nod and smile to most anyone who has more than a pumpkin on their porch because they at least give the image of trying to do something. Even if its more of a fall inspiration and not Halloween themed. I'm just as easily pleased with straw bales, scarecrows, leaves and jack-o-lanterns as I am if they completely cover their porch in webs and put up lights but to me that's a grand effort around here since there aren't any other haunted homes like ours.  If people sat aside one day at the beginning of the month they wouldn't really have to worry about it until it was time to take them down much like Christmas decoration.

There is truly nothing easier to gussy up your front yard with during haunting season than Tomb/ Headstones( depends on your preferred term) and creating a cemetery walk. Whether it's your lawn fully decked out in a number of them and Tots (Trick- Or- Treaters) wondering up your side walk or if you do a fun winding path through them across your lawn lit with a fence of lights, it adds a wonderful air of fun and uniqueness to your home. To do this you have two very simple options. You can purchase premade ones from Walmart, Spirit Halloween, Halloween City or where ever else  that look similar to the one below
All of these mass produced  headstones do make wonderful props but there are down sides. There are so many of the same one. Now if you have a large cemetery (like we do) you can cover this up a little better by spreading them around. They are thin and light weight. For packing them away that's not a terrible thing but if you live any where that's not nice like California and Arizona and get a lot of weather and wind like here in Colorado they get damaged, broken and often times rip away from the flimsy little stakes designed to hold them into the ground. If you decide to go this route I recommend looking into a piece I did about reinforcing them which has helped us a lot!
Your next option if you want to go over the top of have fun customized tombstones is to do them yourself! At first I was a wee bit intimidated by what some people can do with the blue insulation foam sheets at home depot because man do they have pro status talent in creation. I stayed very basic (other than the complicated fonts on each that have made me want to smash my head into a wall).
To start you cut out the shape you want your tombstone to be. I am aware my foam is purple and not blue, they were out of blue and color doesn't matter.
Then from your computer you type up an Epitaph to go onto said tombstone. Most of the fonts need to be in the 100's size wise to be worked with but that will also depends on your tombstones size. Once you have it all typed out and printed up you have the fun of cutting it out and taping it down however you want as a template. Or if you prefer to hand draw them go for it!
The time consuming part of this comes after everything is placing and you get the grand pleasure of tracing around everything and pulling all the paper off. If you need to trace over your lines in pen so you can see them better

After the tracing is done the next round of meticulous comes knocking with either a drimmel  or a soldering tool/ wood burner. You Have to cut out everything inside the outlines. This is where I recommend a very basic font to do your first practice.
I'm going end it here for the evening and continue the rest tomorrow. As much as we haunters love the dark it's hard to work and the neighbors don't like power tools late into the night.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Blog Resurrection

I'm a truly crappy blogger for sure in the fact that I can never seem to keep up with the concept of always needing to post things (I'm way worse at keeping track of my day to day life in a journal, imagine the random gaps in there!) As always I seem to remember my blog close to the time of haunting so people can budget create wonderful things for Halloween.

I ( along with family) have been working like crazy people to get our expanded haunt props ready for this year. We've added professional fliers and a large yard sign for advertising to try and amp up numbers from last year which was a pretty steady stream for about 3 hours. The newest creations include a 9 foot walk in mausoleum, Jars upon jars of props and custom tombstones geared toward friends and family. There is always so much to do and no time to do it in!

I end this quick post with a photo of the one true proof that our beloved season is coming

 as well as a link to a quick yummy happy snack that is sure to be speedy and easy on the pocket book not to mention to stinking cute for their own good!

Monday, November 11, 2013

A burp in the road.

Yes you read correctly. Burp, not bump.Though I suppose it could be classified as a bump in the Christmas present process. Our neighbors Daughter is having a baby today( one that in fact wasn't supposed to come til around Thanksgiving.) How do we know this. We got told so by the soon to be grandma yesterday. Confusing some what to say the least and made even us ask " how do we know this?" Which led to the info on inducement and possibly C-section. Needless to say Christmas was dropped and we hit the sewing room with much vigor to create new baby goods as we do with most littles that come into the world. Nothing overly fancy. Some good flannel blankies and burp clothes. but this time we created something new. Behold the Cuddle Wrap
Now personally speaking all I can see is Maggie Simpsons  snow suit any time I think about it but ours is definitely way cuter since their arms aren't stuck out sideways.
Ours was done with the pattern  called the cuddle wrap by Great Copy Patterns out of polar fleece. It was honestly cutting out 3 pieces and less than an hour on the serger :) and the fun part is you can also alter it and add holes to feed car seat straps through so a kiddo can be bundled up there as well as snuggly safe.
In addition like I said we did some burp cloths and we like to make them almost an hourglass figure so your shoulder front and shoulder back have a bit more surface area for when a burp becomes a waterfall and the flannel seems to keep it from just running down the material. Then the curve fits on your shoulder without bunching. We usually make several simple ones with the word burp or whatever on it, but last night we had the help of my boyfriend in the sewing room and he wanted to make one too (talk about a first)
Our simple ones
And behold the cuter one up by the boyfriend who's never been in a sewing room before....
 With these done it's onward and upward to we continue our less than 50 day trek to Christmas.... oh the joy.... Slaves to the machines....

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Too Long

Holy goodness over a year since my last post. Sometimes I'm amazed that I even manage to remember passwords to different sites in all honesty. Chaos has been by far the biggest and best term for what this last year has been( break ups, start ups, phlebotomy school, starting jobs, quiting jobs, it's enough to give you a head ache)

Amidst the chaos Halloween was A-mazing. We went a little different and a little bigger and got the witches kitchen set up in it's own walk in tent but sadly there are no amazing walk through photos as there were kids showing up before it even got dark.

A quick photo of my friend as her character Hobbs the Witch in front of the kitchen
No super amazing photos but I did have a (mostly) Fresh Green Tail Mermaid in the kitchen this year.

And some fancy, crammed full, lit up shelves full of who knows what(and a short faced bear skull)

So needless to say this season wasn't a total bust by any means. We also had a "photo booth" Where my boyfriend oh so graciously was a monster and we got some fun shots. Personally my favorite is the last kid bailing on his friend who is frozen on the bench screaming


Things that make memories for sure. Plans are forging ahead with next seasons haunt which if all goes better than this year will be bigger and scarier and just as free but it's a bit hard to keep the umph up when it comes to the fact that Christmas is breathing down every ones neck and it's not even Thanksgiving yet >.<  The only thing that will keep my sanity will be the continuous crafting to be done to get gifts made. Thank god for small favors in some way.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Home Haunt

My apologies as I have once again fallen behind in the world of getting these blogs up. In addition to being slammed with a strange and busy schedule my mother passed away on the 15th so it has been an adventure when it comes to dealing with all the family phone calls and such. She was an odd lady, my mother though she did enjoy my strangeness( most of the time) and wouldn’t have wanted me to mope around being depressed so I’ve tried to continue on in my crafting and being busy though I never realized how many times I thought things along the lines of “ oh mom would like that shirt” or something of the short until she was gone. Or am I doing it more now because she’s gone and I wish she wasn’t? Either way she is and there is no way of changing it but gone is not forgotten and I’m willing to bet that I will think about her from now on every fall.
So with all that said I thought I would share my yards photos with you.The thing to remember with this is lighting.Lighting,lighting,lighting! This year we used actual fire in tiki torch form to light the place and I must say I love it.

My most recent pumpkin.I've been wanting to do a gizmo for forever and so I thought this year was as good as any.I'm really Happy with how he came out but you would never know what it is when its not lit!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

To Do's

I have been very busy around here making holiday gifts,costumes,corsets and crafts and while going over the many many things that I've done I realized there are some very specific things that I ALWAYS do EVERY year and it brought me to the conclusion that every one should have an October check list if they are a super fall enthusiast. Mine has a fairly good number of things on it and I hope to add more but I do believe it's a fairly good start.
October to do list

Carve a pumpkin

Watch nightmare before Christmas

Put up Halloween Decorations

Watch German expressionist horror movie

Watch Vincent Price movie

Watch Universal Classic Monster movie

Watch an Alfred Hitchcock movie

Drink Cider or Hot chocolate

Drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte

Eat a Halloween Oreo

Eat a Reese’s or Snickers pumpkin

Eat Frankenberry, Boo Berry or Count Chocula cereal

Drink spicy tea

Bake a pumpkin or apple pie

Make Halloween themed food

Bake Halloween Cookies

Mix spooky drinks

Roast pumpkin seeds

Collect different color leaves

Visit a pumpkin patch

Go on a Hay ride

Dress up

Go to a Haunted house

Attend a Halloween event

Have a scary movie marathon

Visit a cemetery and leave an offering

Wear orange

Wear a sweater

Scare some one

Watch Hoccus Poccus

Take Halloween pictures

Visit family graves

Make a Halloween Play list

Read a Classic Gothic novel

Collect interesting pumpkins