Wednesday, September 26, 2012

eww.. lets eat it

Well once more I find myself grumbling about a lack of ability to work on the wood for my signs (because they are soaked!) due to the continuous rain storms that keep hitting here. Granted we’ve needed the rains, I just wish they had come during the summers end instead of right as I’m finishing up projects and prepping to set up the yard. So with that as an excuse to drink hot chocolate and dig through the web for fun ideas I’ve decided to share a few little holiday fun things that I myself am defiantly looking forward to trying.

 This first one was posted to me by a very good friend who obviously knows me very well


 Brain cake in a jar!! How wondrous is that! I can’t wait to fiddle with this one as a gift for friends especially the ones in the tattoo shops that I know. This lady was amazingly creative and I give her props for this one( and to her kid for being sad they weren’t real brains. The directions are on her page!

Next on my list is one that is very fun and icky. Blood clots and Pus. Sounds appetizing doesn’t it? But I think it would look amazing spiffing up a  table next to some brain cakes for a party.



Ingredients for blood clots:

1 pack strawberry jello

1 pack raspberry jello

1 pack black currant jello ( I would think you could sub in black cherry; )

-Make jello according to packs instructions and leave to set in separate dishes  in the fridge. Then  once set turn them to mulch with fingers.( I’m wondering what kind of effect you could get mangling it up with a fork though your fingers would be more fun) and squish them together into plates or bowls in dumps like clots


Pus ingredients

1 pack lime jello


-Dissolve lime jello powder in hot water according to directions but use milk in place of cold water to help jello set up. Leave in the fridge to set. Once set mulch this up as well and so some smattering of it on the blood clots.
That's what I've got for now, though there is piles more to share I dont want an hour long read of recipies and besides I have a Havest kitten climbing on me squaking  that I'm paying to much attention to the glowy soul stealer.

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