Friday, September 28, 2012

Tombstone Reinforcement phase one

Today was wonderfully lacking rain around here, which I was very much grateful for. I feel like I got a fairy amount done shopping wise to send Halloween gifts to important little people out of state. Once I was home I pulled out a bunch of tomb stones from the garage to asses over all damage from last years snows and winds. Some weren’t so bad, others were broken in half. One of the main projects in mind for this year was how to reinforce them and keep them from blowing away. Creatively we got it figured out and once the glue cures I really hope they hold up…

 We decided particle board would be sufficient enough reinforcement and cut it a little over half the height of each tombstone. We drilled 4 holes on each side of the particle board to add in zip ties. Heavy spray adhesive was added to smooth side to hold the particle board to the tomb stone, with the hopes that the textured side will take the textured spray paint well.
Stacking them on top of each other in opposing directions helped them set up and the board adhere well because of the weight but if your not doing multiples I’m sure simple clamps would help a lot.

Tomorrow the next 2 thirds of them will have to be done in the same manner.There are so many  more to  be done and we're looking at buying even more *Happy Face* But then we have two full cemeteries to add to. One can never have to many tombstones in a large haunt.

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