Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Missing Children Posters

It's not a joke when people state that I have a twisted sense of humor.Instead of avoiding it I do my best to try to embrace it with any chance I get. I wanted another strange sign of some kind in the yard for the Trick or Treaters ( going to be known as TOTS from here on out) to enjoy and that adds to the feel of the night. What makes people stop when their night is already full of caution and danger signs? What would make them stop and go...HUH? Did I just read that right? With this in mind I've settled on making a missing children board but the twist on it being that the adds are for fairytale missing children and other mythical things like Little Reds Extermanation and Creature Removal. I've never heard of anyone else doing this but then I also belive where there is an idea several other people have had the same one! So by using my handy lap top, good ol google for a picture and an overly creative mind for creating a story you can get some pretty fun and interesting things.

Hansel And Gretal MISSING!!!

As anyone can see I did the usual  height weight etc but had to get creative with the info below it."Last seen leaving a tail of bread crumbs in the forest neerby known for being inhabited by witches and others of unsavory nature. Both need to be found as soon as possible due to being diabetic with intense candy fixations. If seen please contact their father the local wood cutter at the 3 horns pub" 

There has been a pretty good response by friends and family who all want copys of this to keep with halloween stuff that I was wondering what would happen if I posted it up at work especially since I work at HOT TOPIC mwahahahahahahahahaha.

Aged paper
Way to sepia images
Good ol' google to hunt for images you like
A bit of creativity
A Printer

Missing dog ( werewolf or wolf man photo)
Lost girl ( red riding hood)
Lost jewelry ( any of the famous cursed stones)
Witch shop adds
Want adds for strange objects like shrunken heads

There are a million options from ghost hunter adds to maybe even news paper clippings or old documents about your house being haunted skys the limit on this project.

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