Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Home Haunt

My apologies as I have once again fallen behind in the world of getting these blogs up. In addition to being slammed with a strange and busy schedule my mother passed away on the 15th so it has been an adventure when it comes to dealing with all the family phone calls and such. She was an odd lady, my mother though she did enjoy my strangeness( most of the time) and wouldn’t have wanted me to mope around being depressed so I’ve tried to continue on in my crafting and being busy though I never realized how many times I thought things along the lines of “ oh mom would like that shirt” or something of the short until she was gone. Or am I doing it more now because she’s gone and I wish she wasn’t? Either way she is and there is no way of changing it but gone is not forgotten and I’m willing to bet that I will think about her from now on every fall.
So with all that said I thought I would share my yards photos with you.The thing to remember with this is lighting.Lighting,lighting,lighting! This year we used actual fire in tiki torch form to light the place and I must say I love it.

My most recent pumpkin.I've been wanting to do a gizmo for forever and so I thought this year was as good as any.I'm really Happy with how he came out but you would never know what it is when its not lit!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

To Do's

I have been very busy around here making holiday gifts,costumes,corsets and crafts and while going over the many many things that I've done I realized there are some very specific things that I ALWAYS do EVERY year and it brought me to the conclusion that every one should have an October check list if they are a super fall enthusiast. Mine has a fairly good number of things on it and I hope to add more but I do believe it's a fairly good start.
October to do list

Carve a pumpkin

Watch nightmare before Christmas

Put up Halloween Decorations

Watch German expressionist horror movie

Watch Vincent Price movie

Watch Universal Classic Monster movie

Watch an Alfred Hitchcock movie

Drink Cider or Hot chocolate

Drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte

Eat a Halloween Oreo

Eat a Reese’s or Snickers pumpkin

Eat Frankenberry, Boo Berry or Count Chocula cereal

Drink spicy tea

Bake a pumpkin or apple pie

Make Halloween themed food

Bake Halloween Cookies

Mix spooky drinks

Roast pumpkin seeds

Collect different color leaves

Visit a pumpkin patch

Go on a Hay ride

Dress up

Go to a Haunted house

Attend a Halloween event

Have a scary movie marathon

Visit a cemetery and leave an offering

Wear orange

Wear a sweater

Scare some one

Watch Hoccus Poccus

Take Halloween pictures

Visit family graves

Make a Halloween Play list

Read a Classic Gothic novel

Collect interesting pumpkins

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Aged paper

I am aware that I have once more been an absolute slacker. I guiltily self indulged and made two steel boned corsets since my birthday is in a few day. So I have to face the fact I need to post a new project. This time I’m sharing one of my favorite things. Aging paper! Like that which my missing  

 Now think about the number of things you could do involving aged paper. Invitations. Creepy old letter props. Old flyers. Treasure maps. Labels. It’s another one of those endless options sort of things.

Firstly you have to decide if you want to stain the paper with coffee or tea. I personally use both because they offer two different colors.You need a bowl for boiling water in the micro wave (or a stove and a tea kettle) because boiling water seems to help the color permeate through the paper best and a large flat pan to do the staining in so your paper doesn’t fold over.

I usually boil my water in the microwave with the instant coffee pack already in it.

Yay beloved microwave of doom!!!

Then pour it into the flat pan and toss in the tea bags

See the color difference between the tea and coffee
 When you put in the paper it will float so you need to push it under. Be mindful of this if you boiled water on the stove or are sensitive to heat
 I use the tea bags to hold it under for a couple minutes to get the primary stain going.
 One of the neat things is where you leave the tea bags leaves quite a dark stain
 Squeeze out one of the tea bags so it’s not dripping every where and dab puddles of it out onto the paper. I cheat and do this after I’ve already placed the paper into the microwave on a paper towel.


Close the microwave door and set the timer for 1 minute. I have my power level on the highest which is 10. This is the part where you want to watch what’s going on. Don’t want anything bursting into flames. The microwave seems to help dry the dark puddles into place and speed the drying process (a stroke of genius on my part during an over tired crafty night making labels.)
At this point it should be barely damp and you have some choices. A) If you like how it looks you can either take it out to dry the rest of the way on some paper towel. Or nuke it again for another min. Then there is B) if you want more aging dab it up again with your tea bag or try out the instant coffee dabs and nuke it again! Also remember to dab the back side for equal aging if it’s going to be seen. If the paper will be glued down don’t even worry about it!!

 WARNING: don’t over nuke your paper though as you scorch the tea ant it leaves rings on it which isn’t as pretty, but then  I guess it’s a personal preference thing Easy peasy.

Then run it through your printer. Draw on it. Write on it. Burn the edges (ß so guilty of that one) and you’ve got your very old paper that you made just last night

Friday, September 28, 2012

Tombstone Reinforcement phase one

Today was wonderfully lacking rain around here, which I was very much grateful for. I feel like I got a fairy amount done shopping wise to send Halloween gifts to important little people out of state. Once I was home I pulled out a bunch of tomb stones from the garage to asses over all damage from last years snows and winds. Some weren’t so bad, others were broken in half. One of the main projects in mind for this year was how to reinforce them and keep them from blowing away. Creatively we got it figured out and once the glue cures I really hope they hold up…

 We decided particle board would be sufficient enough reinforcement and cut it a little over half the height of each tombstone. We drilled 4 holes on each side of the particle board to add in zip ties. Heavy spray adhesive was added to smooth side to hold the particle board to the tomb stone, with the hopes that the textured side will take the textured spray paint well.
Stacking them on top of each other in opposing directions helped them set up and the board adhere well because of the weight but if your not doing multiples I’m sure simple clamps would help a lot.

Tomorrow the next 2 thirds of them will have to be done in the same manner.There are so many  more to  be done and we're looking at buying even more *Happy Face* But then we have two full cemeteries to add to. One can never have to many tombstones in a large haunt.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Unproductive... have pumpkins :D

Well today was once more sorely unproductive. This time being the rain and the fact that the boyfriend’s bed and snuggly blankets decided to eat my soul. I know, I know, I’m a terrible slacker who’s already lagging on my job as a blogger. But I will have it stated I did manage to get the little lighted fence put together in the rain, in the dark after I got home from dinner and feeling the lack of show for work I’ve done I put out the toxic barrel just because. The little fence had to be installed because last year obnoxious teenagers decided to tromp right through my cemetery. Made me so mad... Aside from almost killing themselves on all my power cords and such they mucked up a lot of my stuff. Nothing more terrifying than a pissy witch stomping her way through the grave yard yelling at you about mucking up things and at that moment I understood the old people and the get off my lawn sentiments.  So guess what guys not this year. The ropes and lights go from the trees clear down the side of the yard. Jerks. Anyway rant complete.

 The search for fun randomness among my friends and I with Halloween has yielded some great ideas and finds. Some I’m going to defiantly be using. Fanged pumpkins are among them
 Now the link a friend shared was Martha Stuarts version of this that used red thumb tacks for eyes. I was wondering about red light bright pegs and cutting out the bottom to put in a battery operated candle. Not sure how this would work out but one can only try.

 For those having the indoor party the bling spider would work out well.
I have similar ones that I did but instead of gems I used a good glue pen and micro glitter and they were funkins so they never go bad.A bat and spider.


For cutesy little kid ones especially for an afternoon Halloween party this little caterpillar squirmed into my heart. I won't be doing this one any time soon but it's in my to do book.

And as always for pumpkins you have to have the vomiting pumpkin. I've never had one but this year is going to be the first and I think I will keep the extra guts from other pumpkins.


The Eater. I called mine Nom. The white pumpkin was 60 pounds. I plan on making another one this year.Not sure how big the pumpkin will be this time

 But this year I think my goal is going to do a baby eating pumpkin mwahahahahhaha. Who ever came up with this was brilliantly evil and I'm so envious.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

eww.. lets eat it

Well once more I find myself grumbling about a lack of ability to work on the wood for my signs (because they are soaked!) due to the continuous rain storms that keep hitting here. Granted we’ve needed the rains, I just wish they had come during the summers end instead of right as I’m finishing up projects and prepping to set up the yard. So with that as an excuse to drink hot chocolate and dig through the web for fun ideas I’ve decided to share a few little holiday fun things that I myself am defiantly looking forward to trying.

 This first one was posted to me by a very good friend who obviously knows me very well


 Brain cake in a jar!! How wondrous is that! I can’t wait to fiddle with this one as a gift for friends especially the ones in the tattoo shops that I know. This lady was amazingly creative and I give her props for this one( and to her kid for being sad they weren’t real brains. The directions are on her page! http://www.livinglocurto.com/2011/10/halloween-recipe-brains/

Next on my list is one that is very fun and icky. Blood clots and Pus. Sounds appetizing doesn’t it? But I think it would look amazing spiffing up a  table next to some brain cakes for a party.



Ingredients for blood clots:

1 pack strawberry jello

1 pack raspberry jello

1 pack black currant jello ( I would think you could sub in black cherry; )

-Make jello according to packs instructions and leave to set in separate dishes  in the fridge. Then  once set turn them to mulch with fingers.( I’m wondering what kind of effect you could get mangling it up with a fork though your fingers would be more fun) and squish them together into plates or bowls in dumps like clots


Pus ingredients

1 pack lime jello


-Dissolve lime jello powder in hot water according to directions but use milk in place of cold water to help jello set up. Leave in the fridge to set. Once set mulch this up as well and so some smattering of it on the blood clots.
That's what I've got for now, though there is piles more to share I dont want an hour long read of recipies and besides I have a Havest kitten climbing on me squaking  that I'm paying to much attention to the glowy soul stealer.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Missing Children Posters

It's not a joke when people state that I have a twisted sense of humor.Instead of avoiding it I do my best to try to embrace it with any chance I get. I wanted another strange sign of some kind in the yard for the Trick or Treaters ( going to be known as TOTS from here on out) to enjoy and that adds to the feel of the night. What makes people stop when their night is already full of caution and danger signs? What would make them stop and go...HUH? Did I just read that right? With this in mind I've settled on making a missing children board but the twist on it being that the adds are for fairytale missing children and other mythical things like Little Reds Extermanation and Creature Removal. I've never heard of anyone else doing this but then I also belive where there is an idea several other people have had the same one! So by using my handy lap top, good ol google for a picture and an overly creative mind for creating a story you can get some pretty fun and interesting things.

Hansel And Gretal MISSING!!!

As anyone can see I did the usual  height weight etc but had to get creative with the info below it."Last seen leaving a tail of bread crumbs in the forest neerby known for being inhabited by witches and others of unsavory nature. Both need to be found as soon as possible due to being diabetic with intense candy fixations. If seen please contact their father the local wood cutter at the 3 horns pub" 

There has been a pretty good response by friends and family who all want copys of this to keep with halloween stuff that I was wondering what would happen if I posted it up at work especially since I work at HOT TOPIC mwahahahahahahahahaha.

Aged paper
Way to sepia images
Good ol' google to hunt for images you like
A bit of creativity
A Printer

Missing dog ( werewolf or wolf man photo)
Lost girl ( red riding hood)
Lost jewelry ( any of the famous cursed stones)
Witch shop adds
Want adds for strange objects like shrunken heads

There are a million options from ghost hunter adds to maybe even news paper clippings or old documents about your house being haunted skys the limit on this project.

Quick greetings

Greetings all! Welcome to the chaos that is my mind and the unconventional ways I do things to makes props and other fun stuff. Currently my foccus is Halloween, big suprise with it only being roughly 5 weeks away. My goal here is to share some simple creative ideas to get people going off into the world of randomness that so  few people willingly venture into. A world where there are no rules on how to make things "right"  I'm hoping to post how to's and other DIY stuff as it gets completed and progress for every one to follow... but sadly not now. The hell spawn called work is calling me in and interfearing with life as it usually does. If I didn't need money for projects (and food) I wouldnt do it!