Saturday, September 6, 2014

Distraction in production

Well there was a mild hiccup in finishing the headstones over the last couple days coming in the form of a teeny tiny cutie I've named Pippin. With the full name Pippin Pipsqueak ( can you tell we home he stays small)
Pippin on his ride home in a basket
Got this little cutie pants from a local farm that was hand rearing him and his 5 siblings but he is the runtiest of runts and probably the smallest rescue I've taken in. I'm not sure how much he weighs ( we'll find out Monday when we take him into the vet) all I know is to me he doesn't feel like he weighs anything and is a bony little snuggle monster who needs some extra love and attention for I'm sure he wouldn't have probably survived the natural course of being in a litter. At the moment when he's walking around he's no bigger than a grande coffee from starbucks so we can hope with some time and lovins  we will be adding our smallest haunter to Halloween night. Tiny Bat costume any one?
Pippin sitting by a Grande starbucks cup in petsmart
The good news is he likes to sleep snuggled in the basket when people are doing things near by so on the plus side hopefully if tomorrow is warm enough I can take him outside and finish of some haunting props.

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