Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Blog Resurrection

I'm a truly crappy blogger for sure in the fact that I can never seem to keep up with the concept of always needing to post things (I'm way worse at keeping track of my day to day life in a journal, imagine the random gaps in there!) As always I seem to remember my blog close to the time of haunting so people can budget create wonderful things for Halloween.

I ( along with family) have been working like crazy people to get our expanded haunt props ready for this year. We've added professional fliers and a large yard sign for advertising to try and amp up numbers from last year which was a pretty steady stream for about 3 hours. The newest creations include a 9 foot walk in mausoleum, Jars upon jars of props and custom tombstones geared toward friends and family. There is always so much to do and no time to do it in!

I end this quick post with a photo of the one true proof that our beloved season is coming

 as well as a link to a quick yummy happy snack that is sure to be speedy and easy on the pocket book not to mention to stinking cute for their own good!

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