Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Home Haunt

My apologies as I have once again fallen behind in the world of getting these blogs up. In addition to being slammed with a strange and busy schedule my mother passed away on the 15th so it has been an adventure when it comes to dealing with all the family phone calls and such. She was an odd lady, my mother though she did enjoy my strangeness( most of the time) and wouldn’t have wanted me to mope around being depressed so I’ve tried to continue on in my crafting and being busy though I never realized how many times I thought things along the lines of “ oh mom would like that shirt” or something of the short until she was gone. Or am I doing it more now because she’s gone and I wish she wasn’t? Either way she is and there is no way of changing it but gone is not forgotten and I’m willing to bet that I will think about her from now on every fall.
So with all that said I thought I would share my yards photos with you.The thing to remember with this is lighting.Lighting,lighting,lighting! This year we used actual fire in tiki torch form to light the place and I must say I love it.

My most recent pumpkin.I've been wanting to do a gizmo for forever and so I thought this year was as good as any.I'm really Happy with how he came out but you would never know what it is when its not lit!

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